Reclaim Program

What are you doing with your old refrigerants? Do you have full recovery tanks just sitting around? Are you concerned about accidental release and EPA fines? Why not eliminate your problems and turn them in for cash? R and E R&E Supply's reclaim program is our way of paying you for used R-22.

R&E Supply is your source for refrigerant reclamation. We have partnered with some of the top refrigerant manufacturers in the industry to make the reclaim process as simple as possible. We accept all types of refrigerants and even take back mixed gases.

The program works like this:
1) Bring in any standard recovery cylinder containing your refrigerant to any R&E Supply location. Please keep each type of gas in its own container.

2) We will tag your cylinder and give you a new, certified, empty cylinder in its place. (Additional charges may apply if your cylinder is out of date or has missing/broken handles). The tank you receive is guaranteed to be in top operating condition and within the certification date set by the EPA.

3) Your old tank becomes our property due to the trade for the new tank. The gas inside, which is still your property, is then returned to the reclamation center. No other gases will be added to your cylinder. It is also important that you do not mix types of gases. The purity level will be analyzed at the reclamation center and will determine the amount of rebate you receive. (Please ask for current rebate levels at your local R&E Supply).

4) Currently there is no rebate for blended gas. These blends cannot be separated into their original chemicals and must be destroyed. Contaminated gas due to burnouts, high moisture levels, mixture of different refrigerants in the same container, etc. which cannot be reclaimed must also be destroyed. Please ask for details if you are concerned about mixed or contaminated refrigerant disposal.

Together we can help eliminate the amount of refrigerants released into the atmosphere and put cash in your pocket. Refrigerants, reclaim, and R&E, the three R's pay you. Call today and ask us about our reclaim program.

Refrigerant Reclaim Form